Tips for choosing lightsaber replicas

If you're a serious Star Wars fan, chances are the famous double blade darth mole lightsaber is already part of your collection. If not, you can find one among the many available on the internet.
Most Star Wars fans will agree that this unique weapon was one of the most amazing things about The Phantom Menace. Read through this article to learn about interesting type of Darth Maul lightsaber copies and memorabilia today and help you shop.
Let us start with probably the most popular item among hardcore collectors the full double-bladed Darth Maul FX Litesaber. It is common knowledge now that Master Replicas is not licensed by Lucas Arts anymore and Hasbro makes the current line of lightsabers.
Fortunately, there are still places on the internet where you can find this unique item and many lucky owners will tell you that in terms of authenticity, workmanship, and quality of content, it is the closest place to the real prop used in the movies. It consists of two metal grips with an incredibly durable plastic blade permanently attached.
They can be used as standalone weapons for a lightsaber duel or can be combined with a special adapter to create the popular double-bladed version. Lighsabers replicas made will give all the features of a real lightsaber as seen in the movies. With motion sensors and sound effects, red light and durable blade, nothing can come closer to reality.
The alternative could be Hasbro's Darth Maul lighsaber series mentioned earlier. It has very similar characteristics to the previous one and generally receives many positive reviews from its owners.
However, some studies point to the fact that its' beautiful aluminum hilt can scratch while dueling. Of course, if you are interested in getting the Lightsaber as a collector's item, this is not your concern.
Also a great alternative for collectors who are limited by their budget or available table or shelf space, there is an alternative.
You can choose to buy miniature version of the Darth Maul lightsaber. The level of detail is excellent and the item also features realistic looking burn marks. It's amazing forty-five scale reproduction of the original weapon measures approximately 4.7 "long and comes in a presentation box with a specially designed display stand and an official certificate of authenticity.
As there are many different websites offering you lightsaber replicas, it can be really difficult to zero down a website that offers best prices along with top quality. In the UK, one of the best websites to buy custom and replica lightsabers is Galactic Sabers UK.
The prices are fair, matching the built quality of the sabers. For people tight on budget, you can buy one of the pre-owned lightsabers on offer at the website.

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