Styling tips for your bedroom suite

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your bedroom or have a great need for extra storage, there are a few things you can do to spice up your bedroom suite. Let us look at some of them.
The Hampton-style bedroom is a sophisticated beach-inspired look, with soft colors of white and blue, and accessories straight from the beach. Driftwood, seashells and white coral mug is an easy way to introduce this classic trend into the bedroom, along with fresh touches of navy, gray, and black.
The more textures that are brought into the room, the better it is. These fabrics and materials add character to the bedroom and make it a comfortable retreat for the night. Start on the floor and work your way up to the walls.
For example, a jute carpet will complement a linen bed, with leather pillows and a rug at the end of the bed.
Green depicts growth, renewal, and protection, making it the perfect color for . The best way to make a room green is with indoor plants. I am not saying turn your bedroom into a jungle.
Start with just two to three plants: one on the floor, one on your table or shelf, and a small pot on the edge of the bed. Plants are not only calm and peaceful but will also liven up the room.
An easy way to choose a color scheme for your bedroom is to look at the artwork, furniture, and accessories that surround it. Pick a color from the items of your choice and introduce the finishing touches and soft furnishings that accentuate the color.
There is no limitation to the artwork you can hang in your bedroom. When hanging multiple artworks or frames, be sure to offset from the center of the bed. This leaves room to hang additional pictures over time and creates more room on the wall for other accessories, such as mirrors.
Cut out paper copies of your frames and tap them on the walls to see where you want to hang them.
An easy way to group accessories on a side table, dresser, or chest, is to use a tray. A tray instantly allows you to group accessories, while also adding interest to the room. Group accessories based on their heights, textures, and sizes and, when in doubt, group them into groups of three.
Whether tossed onto the end of the bed, trunk, or chair, the reliable toss rug is designed as a practical tool that adds color and interest to a room. Do not forget the corners of the bedroom. These often require spaces to be used and are the perfect places to place a plant, ottoman, chair, floor lamp, or additional storage.
If space is limited, it is time to get creative. Consider beds that have internal storage and easily accessible drawers. A trunk or ottoman with internal storage is also a smart addition.
Adopt different heights of furniture and accessories to make the bedroom appear larger. Make a focal point in the room with a large vase on the dresser or a plant on a tallboy. A floor lamp attached to the dresser or chest will create height and focus towards the artwork on the wall.
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