Some questions people ask on Sri Lankan tuk tuk rentals

Here are the answers to all your common questions (safety, budget, license, route, etc.) about renting and driving tuk tuks in the island of Sri Lanka.
Tuk Tuk, Car, or Train?
The train will be cheaper than tuk tuk and people say that the train ride is beautiful and charming. However, tuk tuk has the advantage of being flexible and independent compared to local trains.
Also, you can take the route similar to that of the train and experience the beautiful and natural countryside. Another great advantage of having a tuk tuk is that you will not need to rent a bicycle / scooter to explore places within the city.
Compared to tuk tuk, cars are obviously more convenient and comfortable, but they are priced higher. You can drive a car anywhere in the world, but driving a tuk tuk on the roads of Sri Lanka is an experience of a lifetime.
What are the charges?
Hiring charges can range from fifteen to twenty-five US Dollars per day, depending on how many days you intend on using it. The tuk tuk offers a mileage of about twenty to twenty-five km per litre, which is quite reasonable, so you can expect to travel cheap with a tuk tuk.
The tuk tuk engine may require regular lubrication once every ten days at a cost hundred dollars. If you plan to rent it for the long term, make sure you take care of it.
Where can I rent tuk tuk in Sri Lanka?
There are many companies to rent a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka from. You can consider as these guys are very professional and helpful.
You can also rent them directly from local tuk tuk guys. However, it is more reliable to from an experienced dealer as you will not have to worry about insurance, pickup / drop-off, driving lessons, repairs, etc.
How easy is it for drivers to learn?
The tuk tuk should not be difficult to operate in Sri Lanka. You can get over it in an hour of training. Sri Lanka's roads are beautiful, passing through beaches, coconut trees, mountains and forests. Just play your favourite music and enjoy the ride.
Is it safe to travel with tuk tuk in Sri Lanka?
Tuk tuk is one of the easiest means of transportation in most Southeast Asian countries. In fact, in Sri Lanka, many families use tuk tuk as their personal vehicle for daily activities. Also, it is completely safe for a female passenger to ride the tuk tuk.
Can you take a tour of mountainous areas like Ella / Nuwara Eliya?
Do not underestimate the power of the tuk tuk as it can climb steep roads and mountainous areas. However, bear a few things in mind.
Bring your Tuktuk for checking the brake oil, motor oil and well-lubricated gears will prepare your ticket for the ride up the mountain.
A Tuk tuk cannot travel faster than 40 kilometres per hour, therefore speed will be greatly reduced during climbing. That is why it is important to plan the correct itinerary. Relax for at least a day or two before taking the tuk tuk up the mountainside.

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