How to make the most of your used toner cartridges?

If you often find that your printer cartridge has run out of toner and you have immediately thrown them away, there are several ways of using used toner cartridges. Let us look at how.
Most toner cartridges can be refilled, but one must ensure that the cartridge is made for refilling. Refilling toner cartridges is a chore you can choose to do yourself. Inexpensive, easy-to-use refill kits are available that allow you to refill your empty printer cartridges.
Be sure to buy a toner refill kit that comes with packaged toner bottles and a soldering iron that comes with a cutting tip. For most cartridges, refilling with the 'unplug and pour' method is fairly easy.
However, some companies make it difficult to refill cartridges because they make most of their money selling cartridges. Popular cartridges from HP and Canon are some examples of these types of printers. Use a soldering iron to poke holes in your used toner cartridge or remove the cap with the help of pliers.
Shake the toner bottle well as it helps the toner flow faster. Remove the cap and break the seal on the toner bottle. Now you can easily pour the toner powder into the cartridge through the hole. Make sure to leave some space for air.
Gently wipe any excess toner sprayed out of the hole and seal the hole with any plastic or rubber grommet. This will help prevent any leaks in the future. Make sure you get a toner refill kit that comes with a sturdy seal to close the hole you made to prevent leaks inside the machine.
While refilling your used toner cartridges will help you save money, there are other ways to easily save money. A used toner cartridge can be disposed of with care by selling it to a recycling company.
Many toner cartridge manufacturers have created websites to facilitate the sale of used toner cartridges. These companies will either pay you directly for used toner cartridges or offer lower prices on new toner cartridges.
It is a common misconception that toner cartridges are recycled and contain inferior quality toner powder, making the printing process difficult, but this is not the case.
Also, you could even run a business of recycling toner cartridges yourself. Call your neighbors and ask them to put down used toner cartridges and spread the word about your recycling agency.
Once you have enough empty toner cartridges, you can either take them to a recycling agency yourself or, better yet, get them refilled. Although it will take you a long time to refill a large number of used toner cartridges, you can make a lot of money selling them for a profit.
If your cartridges cannot be recycled due to damage or have already been recycled more than once, you should not throw them away because printer cartridges contain carbon black which is carcinogenic. There are recycling companies that specialize in the disposal of toxic materials; you want to send them these cartridges.
Once you have made full use of your used toner cartridges, there may come a time when you finally need to buy a new one; however, even then, you can save a lot of money by buying compatible cartridges instead of OEM parts.
Contrary to what many believe, cartridges such as the perform just as well as the original in terms of their longevity as well as quality. You can find compatible toner cartridges of all the popular printer brands and spend a lot less than you would be buying an original.
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