How to Choose the Best Metal Detector?

Choosing the best metal detector can be a daunting task. There are many different features, brands, prices, and more to consider when you buy one. You must do your research before purchasing a metal detector if you want to make the right choice for your needs. This blog post will help guide you through the process so that it is easier to choose the best one!
When choosing what type of metal detector to purchase there are two main categories: coin hunting or treasure hunting/recreational use. Coin hunters often have more specific requirements than other types as they need high sensitivity, target ID information but also small coil sizes to find these items below ground where larger coils would not be able to go into tight spaces easily.
Treasure hunters tend toward larger coils with higher frequencies and a better ability to produce audio tones that help the user distinguish between different types of metal targets.
Because treasure hunters are not searching for buried items in the soil they can afford to use lower frequencies, which penetrate deeper into the ground than higher frequencies.
One key factor when choosing a detector is how deep it will be able to go before maxing out its depth capability. This is an important consideration because if you plan on hunting extremely shallow coins such as modern wheat pennies or very old pieces then this could limit your options significantly without buying an incredibly expensive model with larger coils.
Typically most models have at least some type of discrimination feature so that users won’t get false signals from trash metals like aluminum foil and pull tabs but usually, these are limited in what they can ignore so it is important to be aware of this feature and realize that if you want a detector with the best possible discrimination, your options will be more expensive.
The first thing to think about when choosing a metal detector is what type of metals are in your area? If there are iron mines nearby then iron discrimination would be necessary but if not then this feature might not be needed. If you are planning on hunting in saltwater then it is necessary to buy a waterproof metal detector. is the ebay in its class, with the perfect features for your personal use.
The next thing to consider when choosing the best metal detectors is where do you want to hunt? If you plan on hunting at your local park or around homes then one that needs an outlet might not be ideal because there will never be power nearby. Some models can run off of batteries for extended periods ranging from up to 16 hours which would make them perfect for this situation!
One last tip before purchasing a new metal detector, know what features are important to have and stick with those brands so they all work together well. The more expensive ones tend to come equipped with more features than the cheaper ones but sometimes it is worth the splurge to get a top-of-the-line model.

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