From Dungeons to Modern Minecraft Servers: The History of Multiplayer Gaming

The popularity of multiplayer games has grown tremendously in the past decade and Minecraft servers are one of the main reasons for this growth. In this article, we will go over why Minecraft servers have been such a huge part of what defines multiplayer gaming these days.
The very first concept of multiplayer gaming was back in the days of Dungeons and Dragons where players got together to play tabletop games with their friends.
Smaller scale online games started becoming more popular as well, such as Wolfenstein 3D which was one of the first games released with a built-in multiplayer function. These early concepts were the beginning of online multiplayer gaming as we know it today.
After Wolfenstein, most games that came out into the market were still single player or included ad-hoc (local) multiplayer functions. It was with id Software's release of Doom 3 in 2004 that popularized online gaming for real.
With the release of Halo in 2002, Xbox Live was also released into the market, which allowed for players to connect together online and communicate without needing a computer science degree.
Minecraft itself has actually been around since 2009 (it started as "Cave Game" back in May 10, 2009). Back in Minecraft's earlier days, it wasn't very enticing for server hosting.
Most servers would only be out there to scam others with XP systems that did not work or they would create a whitelist to try and make most people feel unwanted.
Instead of trying to look up all the legit servers yourself, I recommend using Sites like as they list only the best Minecraft servers. It is unfair to think that all players of Minecraft are young kids with no Internet experience; there is actually a large adult community for this game as well.
After November 2011, one of the main things that changed how operated was the release of Minecraft Realms. This let players purchase their own unique worlds which gave players more control over what they wanted in a server and helped with costs as well.
As time went on, Minecraft Servers became more complex, allowing for homes to be built, businesses to be made (such as shops where players can buy and sell items), and even combat arenas to be created.
Today, Minecraft servers have become a huge part of what defines multiplayer gaming in the past decade. They are one of the main ways to play Minecraft with other people, and there are a lot of reasons why they're so popular.
Servers are commonly run by either individuals or companies that charge a small amount of money for their services; most servers require payment no matter what kind of server it is.
Nowadays, most good servers will provide a decent amount of information about the server, rules you need to abide by, and if they are running an economy or not. If a server seems scammy, do not hesitate to leave that server immediately.

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