Features of Crazy Time You Should Know

If you are familiar with Dream Catcher or Monopoly Live, you will definitely like Crazy Time as it gives you more wins and pay-outs with its bonus rounds.
In Crazy Time, the setup is similar to a typical live dealer game where a dealer comes to the wheel and you must place your bets within the stipulated betting time before the wheel is spun.
Crazy Time divides a wheel into fifty-four sections consisting of the numbers one, two, five, and ten and 4 bonus segments: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.
You have to choose between the numbers to place your bet. You can also bet on bonus segments as described above. Make sure to place your bets before the betting time expires and do not forget to choose your bet wisely.
You can also take a look at past to strategize better. After the betting time is over, the live dealer will spin the wheel. The two-reel slot at the top will also spin simultaneously with the larger wheel.
It contains multipliers, either a number or a bonus game symbol, that can be added to your win if it lines up with the betting spot. If neither of these occur during the spin, there will be no additional multipliers for this game round.
This process is repeated until the bonus game round is triggered.
Cash Hunt: When this feature is enabled, a total of one hundred eight random multipliers will appear on your screen. The multiplier will then convert to symbols and become random when the host pulls the trigger.
You can then use the cannon to shoot which symbol you think has the most multipliers. A symbol will then be displayed to indicate your winning multiplier.
Pachinko uses a puck drop zone, which has sixteen random multipliers that the puck can land on. You win the multiplier that the Puck stops on. If you land the puck on double, the multiplier will be doubled and the puck will be dropped.
Coin Flip: This bonus round is much easier than it sounds. All you need to do is choose between heads or tails before they start flipping. If you guess it correctly, you will be rewarded accordingly.
Crazy time: Turn the wheel and open the red door that will lead you to victory. When you enter the Crazy Time bonus round, you will be greeted by a sixty-four-segment wheel.
This includes various multipliers that will help you win big pay-outs after the game is over. Players can choose between blue, green, or yellow flapper.
Each flapper offers different pay-outs depending on where you land. If the flapper drops to the 'double or triple' value, all multipliers will be doubled and tripled.

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