Consider These Factors When Renting Party Tents

Planning an outdoor wedding? Graduation or birthday celebration outdoors? When planning these types of events, you may be thinking of renting a tent. These which means tent rental tips can help you decide on a tent that you would love.
Surface: Rental tents vary in material, size, and price. Depending on the type of ground surface you are going to use, your tent options may be limited.
A pole tent creates tall, beautiful peaks and is perfect for an outdoor wedding, reception, or corporate social event. However, the tent must be installed on the grass surface. A frame tent is very versatile and can be pitched on concrete, grass or sand.
Number of guests: It is important to have a close count of how many people you need to accommodate. The more people there are, the bigger the tent and the higher the rent. Typically, a 20x20 tent can seat fifty people in rows or thirty-five people when tables are used. Tents could be bigger than that and some tent rental companies offer connecting tents.
Possible weather: A basic tent will provide shelter from the scorching sun and light rain. However, if it is windy or rainy, be prepared for the wind and rain to pass through the inside of the tent.
Depending on the purpose of your event, you can ask the rental company to install guttering with tents and sidewall packages. The side walls will protect people from rain and wind.
For many tents, the sidewalls can be rolled up and then quickly attached if required. So, if the tent is only meant to provide minimal coverage for a big ram sale, you probably do not need to spend on adding gutters and sidewalls.
However, if it's a special occasion like a wedding, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for bad weather.
Shop around: Although tent rental sites charge similar rates, it is worth looking at two or three options. If one of the places has a special offer, it can literally save you hundreds of dollars.
Another consideration is to contact a local auction company. They often rent tents at a discount. Make sure they can provide gutters and sidewalls as well.
In many towns and cities, a permit is required before setting up a party tent. This is usually important when you want to have a big party. The reason you need a permit is to show that your event meets fire safety standards.
These are some things you need to keep in mind before renting out a tent. Know that there are lots of businesses that will give you great deals for great service. All you need is to be patient and not settle for the first company you come across.
With so many rental companies, it is a buyer’s market and therefore, you have a lot of options to choose from and with due diligence, your party will be a hit.
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