Book a Jaipur tour to discover the city colorful past and unique modernity

Jaipur is a city with a glorious past and an amazing present, and it is, for many, the most beautiful city in India. Jaipur is the the capital of Rajasthan, India's largest state, clean and planned, and affectionately called the Pink City. Jaipur was planned by the Bengali architect Vidhyadhar Chakraborty, who divided the city into nine blocks and laid out straight roads. Then the city was surrounded by a strong wall.
This style of planning can still be seen in Jaipur while exploring the city center. The Chowkri Sarhad was once a palace surrounded by temples, gardens, and other royal buildings, while the entire settlement was reserved for the residence of courtiers. Businessmen and officials lived in the Chowkri Modikhana, and Ghat darwaza was for by merchants and artists. Similarly, the nine blocks were allocated for different purposes.
A visit to Jaipur offers a wealth of historical monuments for tourists to explore, which is famous for its architectural splendor. Simple but impressive in design, extensive in implementation and prominent in the city's history, the City Palace is a truly heartwarming old charm in the Pink City.
Jantar Mantar, located just outside the City Palace, is another destination with an extraordinary collection of astronomical instruments that must be explored. The Amber Fort, the Albert Hall Museum and the Hawa Mahal are some of the most historic gems to explore.
If you visit Jaipur, your will be mesmerized by the city's vibrant cultures and customs. From amazing traditions and cultures to local nightlife to local festivals and festivities, Jaipur has an interesting mix of cultures that amalgamate its past and the modern culture seamlessly. The people of the city are known to be warm and friendly. Jaipur has its own style of dance and music, where Ghoomar and Kathak are quite popular.
Additionally, the city hosts a number of festivals that attract large numbers of people from all over the world. Some of the most exciting festivals in the city include the Jaipur Literature Festival, the Kite Festival, Teej, Gangaur, Paush Dashmi, and the Elephant Festival.
Jaipur is a haven for shopping and food lovers. The markets are large enough to satisfy any shopping need. Most notably, they are known for the excellent quality of jewelry, textiles, wood, stone, metal, and leather goods. For foodies, a visit to Jaipur is always a pleasant trip. Scrumptious foods like dal bati churma, mawa kachori, and rabri, are a must try, along with a plethora of amazing cuisine for non vegetarians.
The accommodation and transportation facilities in this capital of Rajasthan are also impressive. By getting in touch with the best , you can focus on planning your trip and let the hassle of transportation and accommodation be handled by professionals while you take pleasure in the more fun parts about going on vacation. Rajasthan hospitality will not disappoint you.
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