Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Most electric skateboards are not waterproof, but some boards are. Water-resistance means that electric skateboards will not allow water to get in easily. Therefore, if you are driving on a wet road, your board should not break.
But if you skate in ditches or even submerge your board in water, the water is more likely to get to the electrical parts.
Riding an electric skateboard on wet roads is quite risky. The ground is very slippery when wet and turning can be very dangerous. Speeding and braking should also be done with caution when riding on wet roads, as the board is more likely to slip. If you are a beginner, avoid riding in the rain or wet conditions.
We can judge the water resistance of an e-skateboard by its IP rating. However, it is a bit more complicated since IP rating is optional and you need to spend money.
The first question, and perhaps the most important, is whether your board is waterproof, water-resistant or not. Only a few electric skateboards are really waterproof while a few are water-resistant. But most electronic boards are neither waterproof nor resistant.
Another important thing to know is that hardly any company or brand will replace your board due to water loss. The warranty on most boards does not cover water damage.
When riding on wet terrain, there is less friction between the wheels and the ground and therefore lesser grip. Normal wheels are not made for wet roads. The wheels cannot push water away when the road is wet. Because of this, we experience slippery roads and less road grip.
If you live in a rainy area, it is difficult to avoid wet streets. You can upgrade your board wheels into wheels specially designed for riding in the rain.
When it is wet, the grip on the board also decreases. The sandpaper, like the structure of the boards, is called grip tape. When the grip tape is wet, the friction between your shoes and the grip tape will be less and therefore less grip on your board.
Riding on wet roads can be very dangerous for the electronic components of your board. Riding over puddles will increase the likelihood of water getting on the board.
The biggest problem with riding on a wet street is that most electric skateboards do not have wheel or mudguards, so pants and shoes can get wet and muddy. You can buy and install a wheel guard for your .
It is important to dry the board after a wet ride. Frequent or prolonged exposure to humid conditions can affect electronics, drive systems, and bearings.
Bearings are one of the most important parts of an electric skateboard. They make sure we turn the road with ease. Moisture and water are enemies of bearings as they can rust very quickly.
Make sure that the bearings are not exposed to too much moisture, so we must not ride in the rain or at least after a dry or wet ride. Lubricating the bearing bearings is a good solution to prevent rust.
Some remote controls are waterproof while some may neither be "proof" or "resistant", so check your electric skateboard specifications and the tech sheet to see if your remote is water safe.
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