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Empowering your Champion

Deals are won and lost when you’re not in the room. Learn how to bend the odds in your favor.

ARMing your Champion!

Make sure your champion has the following points covered BEFORE selling internally....
It’s in the budget
Here’s the anticipated ROI
Is this business case one that has their business language on it
Does this software do one of 4 things: Maximize productivity (get more from the same spend), reduce costs (without sacrificing too much), grow revenue efficiently, and/or mitigate risk. How?
Here’s the implementation process. This is when we will see my return?
____ will own the implementation process
The champion is committed and understands how to articulate the case
Has the champion identified any shelf-ware this software can replace to ensure it fits within budget?
Is there a plan to measure the success post-sale. Where are those metrics articulate on the business case?
I’ve talked to procurement or someone in finance
I can explain the R in ROI (Is it cost savings, revenue return).
Where are we in the negotiation process, they want to then make
Here’s how we’re going to measure after the fact. Monthly calls to check progress.


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Highly recommend for this practice

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Must have an OTE of $200k+
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