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Aligning with Buyers


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Kyle - “Create deliverables that are client produced. This allows you to create time, capture their voice, and learn how your goals can better align w how they create deliverables.”
David “Two pretty big elements.
Having a meeting where you share how other companies have bought, implemented, and drove successful adoption. This normally highlights things like, executive alignment, end user involvement and validation, implementation and account management support and how they’ve partnered. This helps drive home points of getting other users involved and bought it, as well as long term ownership which helps de-risk the purchase.
Once someone has decided they want to make a change, creating a backwards timeline with a mutual action plan on all steps required. This turns the seller in to a project manager and helps the buyer buy and deploy in the timeline they want.”
Kevin - “Mutual action plans that actually help them, coming with a point of view of who and why they need to be involved (and more importantly when). Shows you have been there before. Reduces friction and shows that you know them”
Donna - “Sharing customer examples while exploring problems they may have been experiencing. Ideally this should fall in line with your ICP. Remember to keep conversations interactive.
You shouldn't be doing all the talking. Ask the questions and let them respond vs "selling" to them out of the gate. Ask them what prompted their interest in your solution (this helps you find out if this is top down initiative, executive involvement and why now they are deciding to make a change.”
Nate - “I’m a big advocate for going DEEP into writing up the internal narrative your champions are sharing about the deal by co-creating that content with them.
You can make sure to keep control of the message that’s shared when you’re not around, while also building up their ownership / sense of confidence in the message.”
Chris - “I build a presentation and confirm their goals and priorities along the way, which also includes case studies & our value. We reaffirm it, and build on it together throughout the sales cycle.
Similar to Nate's style but a presentation which grows to serve more technical decision making, and then shrinks, typically with more value stats for execs near the end. Same principals, different medium.”
John - “I did this on a large new logo deal that I should get over the line this month. I asked how they are building a business case.
Then explained how we work with a lot of other organizations with their justifications and could add our two cents. The champion shared his document with us for input and we were able to highlight additional value and help mitigate risk of losing the deal.”

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