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Welcome to Enterprise Sales Society Resource Hub Part 1!

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Pit stop 1.

You’ll notice a ton of frameworks from Nate Nasralla. He’s a contributor in Enterprise Sales Society with an ama channel. Visit to learn the art of arming your champions. Enterprise Sales Society members save hundreds on Nate’s main offering with a membership discount code.

Pit stop 2.

Check out the subpages for top best practices shared in my Enterprise Sales Community since we started September, 2022 around the following topics:
Coaches vs. Champions
Selling the Meeting
Standing out from the Competition
Getting into the A Column
Controlling the Sales Cycle
Getting to Power
Aligning with Buyers

Pit stop 3.

Email reply rates are plummeting with the rise of AI. We need to be creative and do the extra work.

Pit stop 4.

Questions to ask yourself
Questions to ask your prospects
Negative Impact and targeting questions
Closing the meeting

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