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Lease agreement template for FFS
Lease agreement template for FFS

The Premises

[ ] shown for the purposes of identification only edged red on Plan 1 annexed to this Lease and this expression includes:
the internal plaster, plasterboard and surface finishes of all walls;
the whole of any internal, non-load bearing walls that are entirely within the Premises;
the inner half (severed medially) of the non-load bearing walls dividing the Premises from any other parts of the Building;
the floorboards or other floor surfaces above the joists or other structural floor supports supporting them;
the ceiling plaster, plasterboard or other ceiling surface below the joists or other structural ceiling supports supporting them;
the doors and windows and their frames, fittings and glass;
all Service Media within and exclusively serving the Premises;
all Landlord's fixtures and fittings in the Premises; and
all additions and improvements to the Premises.

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