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Lease agreement template for FFS
Lease agreement template for FFS

Easements, Rights and Privileges

Subject to the Member paying the rents described in this Lease:
the right for the Member and all persons authorised by the Member in common with all other persons having a similar right:
1.1 so far as is necessary to gain access to and egress from the Premises to pass with or without vehicles (but in a quiet and peaceful manner so as not to cause any nuisance or annoyance to any of the occupiers of other parts of the Development) over the Accessways but on foot only over those parts of the Accessways intended only for pedestrian use
1.2 to use the Service Media as may be situated on the Development (to the exclusion of the Service Media situated on the Premises) for the passage of Services
1.3 to use the grounds of the Development excluding the Accessways for recreational purposes
1.4 to use any facilities or other things not otherwise mentioned provided for the common use of the Member and all other persons having a similar right
1.7 to retain in place any part of the Premises which overhang or protrude into any other part of the Development
1.8 to have the Premises supported sheltered and protected by all other parts of the Development
1.9 to enter upon such other parts of the Development (other than the site of any electricity substation or similar installation) as are necessary at all reasonable times upon reasonable notice in writing (except in the case of an emergency when no notice will be required) for the purposes of inspecting maintaining repairing and renewing the Premises and the Service Media exclusively serving the Premises
1.11 [Other rights including any right to park]
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