Remote First

Q: What time zones can I work out of?
A: Employees at Brex can work anywhere +/- 4 hours of Pacific Time.

Q: Will Brex continue to have offices open if the company is going remote first?
A: Brex will continue to have offices in locations where we have a high concentration of employees (typically greater than 25). To start, this will include San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City, and Vancouver.

Q: When will our teams meet in person?
A: In person connections accelerate team bonding and trust building more efficiently while remote. While Brex will be a remote first company we will prioritize a high frequency of in person off-sites to enable these interpersonal relationships. Post COVID - Brex will offer two company off-sites per year focused on relationship building and company strategy and alignment. In addition, teams are expected to host up to 4-6 team and collaboration off-sites per year to ensure we still maintain strong personal relationships with our Brex colleagues.

Q: Can my team meet in the office to work together?
A: Once we’re safely past COVID and offices re-open, employees in hubs can schedule time to meet at hub offices whenever they choose. If a team meets in an office but not all employees are present, then any collaboration meetings should be conducted via ZOOM with each participant dialing in separately. This creates an equitable experience for all team members where no one is isolated to a poor ZOOM experience.

Q: Can I move to another location?
A: Yes, Brex employees can relocate permanently as Brex transitions to remote first. We ask that employees stay within +/- 4 hours of Pacific Time to allow for collaboration and manager overlap time. Employees must live where a Brex entity exists for payroll and taxation purposes.

Q: How will compensation work if I move to a different location?
A: Brex’s compensation program pays competitively and fairly for labor by location, which results in different compensation rates for different geographic areas. If an employee relocates to a geography where compensations rates are different, Brex will adjust their Total Compensation Value to reflect competitive compensation rates in that specific location.

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