For Chris

A personal note from Yang
Chris, we are very excited about the possibility of working with you! Our team is formed with self-driven individuals who enjoy tackling hard problems with customer-focus mindset. We own data infrastructure that powers the core of Brex product offerings, and data is a critical part of business decision making.

In Data Platform, we have 4 sub teams focusing on different initiatives, below is the current scope and we keep iterating and introducing new functionalities based on our customer needs:
Analytics Platform team manages all the essential infrastructure for data analytics, including Data Warehouse (Snowflake), Job Orchestration (Airflow), Data Exploration (Amundsen) and Data Access (K2 - an internal solution). Those components are fundamental to equip teams at Brex with tools to make data-driven decisions.
ML Platform team builds the in-house solutions improve data scientists’ productivity by decreasing the time to develop and deploy models, with the north star goal to make it fully self-service. ML platform components include internal solution and customized vendor solutions, platform components include a custom Python library for feature computation (Fractal), notebook/Spark/model registry from Databricks, custom feature registry, model observability and a fraud engine for hosting ML models.
Underwriting Embed team is dedicated for Brex’s underwriting initiative, ensuring we’re building tools for data scientist and product engineering teams to develop and deploy models with fast iterations.
Our Core Data Pipeline team is the newest sub team, it is positioned to solve the metrics duplication problem, maintaining the source of truth for executive reporting and insights, setting up data governance practices, collaborate with Data Products for external data insights for customers and ultimately enable self-service analytics for everyone in the company.

We’re really excited to have you join as one of the founding engineer on the new core data pipeline team! You’ll be collaborating with cross-functional partners in data analytics, security, compliance as well as business and engineering teams to bring auditing, monitoring, data classification, performance to create a data source of truth and enable metrics exploring. You’ll also be working with rest of the Data Platform team to iterate and improve Brex’s data infrastructure to enable Brex to scale and build the financial operating system for hundreds thousands of Brex customers in various industries and business verticals.

All your teammates are excited by the news of you joining, and have included their contact details and a little about them if you'd like to get in touch :)

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