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Holiday Potluck Assignments

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Holiday Potluck Assignments

A holiday potluck doc for your guests to sign up for so the potluck isn't left with wine and potatoes 🍷


This is a fun little document that helps to solve for all those time that a potluck resulted in loads of wine and potatoes with no actual meals. Just send out this document to your guests to have them sign up for a dish. First come, first serve! If a guest selects a dish then it's removed from the selection list for other guests to grab.


1️⃣ Share out this document to your guests. Ask them to click the "I'll be there!" RSVP button. This will pop their name into the list
2️⃣ Each guest can select one or more dishes to sign up for in
3️⃣ As the host you can go to the Host summary and check out who is bringing what!

Happy Holidays!

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