To Do

VET ID: Then call to discuss your personal situation with the KVK Advice Team: 0800-2117.
Cancel Ben sim.
Email Maheen, tuesday 28th.

Go to AI workplace with CV.
Talk to director it IAS. Get project done before IIO application. Use him as professional reference.
Empowa. Based in ams. Contact.
Asset reference token. What is it?
Blockdata. Cool dude. Mssg him.
Plutus pioneer project. Cardano education.
The kings hut. Cardano drinks.
Kuber playground. Cardano IDE like Matrix for ETH
You had a very holistic and resonating way of explaining things so i loooked up your linkedin and saw that you have a philosophy degree. I wanted to ask how did you transition from phil to investment research? My aim is also to get into research as i think its the best way to apply my generalist skills and philosophical methods.
My MA thesis was modelling the logic if information of ethereum and

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