Presentation - Jacopo

The context of OWS.
NEAR’s non-profit digital community hub for new individuals and NEAR projects to find work, meet and collaborate. Rolling Opportunities.
Rolling Opportunities
My role
Evaluate the work.
Project Tasks.
My role
Build the site.
NEAR site: OWS under Get Started
Our site
Q4 2021: Meeting with NF.
My role
Strategy and product.
Q1 2021: A new direction.
$100k grant to pay talent on behalf of projects.
The death of the Guilds.
Stopping the program
NF to dissolve by 2024 (or something)
Guilds to become for-profit
Q2 2021: The proposal and resignation.
Bad luck to OWS
Google Workspace
The rejection
Their job board under development
Our platform
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