Cover Letter - Jacopo Nuti

Content Manager - Aurora Job Application
To whom is may concern,
I am applying to your Content Manager position at Aurora.
My last role at the Open Web Sandbox, the onboarding digital hub for the NEAR Protocol, was elevated from content creator to project manager, and then to leader, in 11 months. During my 6 months of leading our team of 5, I was overseeing the platform’s development, copy, and product.
I also wrote numerous partnership announcements for Aurora in 2021 on behalf of OWS. Giving me experience with your team, tone, and communication style.
The underlying skillset that allowed me to fill all those roles successfully in a quick paced and fast-changing environment (both the NEAR ecosystem and blockchain industry) was my ability to effectively synthesise complex information by understanding its conceptual function, communicating it to an audience without unnecessary nuance - whether that audience was our customers, our team, or investors.
More specifically, these skills were applied to the platforms (and their copy) I developed, and an educational series I lead, called OWS Education, which focused on NEAR and blockchain basics for beginners by creating articles and video tutorials.
In addition to my written communication experience, my team and I were disciplined to provide transparent and thorough reasoning for any decision-making in the organisation, giving us all a more level contribution to the development of our project, without losing quality of outcome. As lead, this allowed me to listen and contribute to this process. I believe justifying all actions clearly is the most effective way to reach a collective consensus in any process. This is why I believe I am suitable for your role as content manager.


Jacopo Nuti
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