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P1. EU engagement in global AI standard setting
On working project of creating standards for development and use.
Here I would care about the development.
From abstract principles to regulation.
When are global AI rules the right answer for regulatory concern?
: platform for global standards development.
Global Partnership on AI: build a shared vision for AI.
Regulation of private-sector organisations.
What is allowed?
How is it policed?
Governance should focus on governance infrastructure models, to influence companies as early as possible in the flow below. They should aim to require democratic-by-design governance models.
AI Transparency Concerns:
What and who is policy incentivised by?
Governance of private-sector organisations.
Who are the decision-makers?
How do they decide?
These two questions determine what the governance model looks like.
Governance model:
This is who and how people in the organisation make decisions about the outputs of the organisation. The focus will be on the governance of the design of its output objects, rather than the design of the organisation itself.
AI Transparency Concerns:
Who does this governance structure really benefit?
What incentivises decisions?
Where do those incentives come from?
Who is part of the governance structure will determine the incentives.
AI Transparency Concerns:
Whose concerns are addressed through these incentives?
Design some object Y. This is arbitrary to our discussion. The point is that the governance structure of an organisation engages in a new project.
Aim: maximise satisfying the incentives.
How do we design and implement the decisions?
What do we want to make?
How do we make object Y so that it satisfies our decisions?
How do we want to make Y?
These questions determine what the design model looks like.
Design model:
Revenue model
Use-value of object
The design model can be iterated by an appeal to the governance model.
Output: Y is designed.
AI Transparency Concerns:
What do the algorithms do?
How does the system process data?
What is the systems training data?
Create object Y.
Process of construction, assembly, and distribution.
Output: Y is created.
AI Transparency Concerns:
Assembly line transparency.
Object Y exists in some way.
Technology Stack.
AI Transparency Concerns:
User uses Y in some way.
Technology Stack.
AI Transparency Concerns:
How did Y get to this output?

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