The Jac Tour

Torre degli asinelli - the highest tower in bologna, go there. Its like 4 euro and such a good view of the city. Iconic.
San Luca - go to the top, its a sick walk, good exercise and its such a view from the top, go all the way up, I think its like 14euro or maybe less. I would say if its sunny its worth it.
San Michele in bosco () good views, walk up has some good bars I think
City spots
Piazza Verdi - dodgy square, socialist/communist heaven, if you want to get stitched up on some shit drugs. Very politically active, dont fuck around too there much but its a laugh.
Piazza santo stefano () is veryyyyy nice. One of the favs for a post dinner walk and ice cream. The church is worth visiting inside, its +1000 years old, actually unreal.
Via del Pratello
Via Clavature - bit of a tourist spot but its nice as, get a glass of red and a platter of cheese and prosciutto and relax. Go around all those small streets, pretty cool.
Pizza casa $ () cheapest wood fire oven pizza, iconic place for young people, get a pizza and a few beers and go to piazza verdi for some dirty action.
Tamburini $$ () is one of the absolute bologna food insittutions. Used to be so good for lunch, now its a bit more sellout but its still worth it, at least go inside. Its self service tray food, all the bologna classics every day for lunch.
Piadina - this is just a type of pita bread from bologna, you need to have it with: , rocket. Prosciutto, stracchino, mortadella. Just trry them all, they are so good its fucked. Could go here but I have never been, cant see why it would be bad ().
Tiggellino - maybe this place is good for a snack, its like a piadina but small and from Modena.
Il gelatouro - () my fav icecream from childhood, pretty unique vibe in there.
Sale Grosso $$ () seafood restaurant on my street, owned by mums friend, its pretty fucking good, or at least was 5+ years ago. I would go for modern italian.
Trattoria Fantoni $$ () very good southern italian food, had a great horse tartar there in 2012. Grandpa used to go there when he was young as famous artists and such used to go there.
Trattoria gianni $$ () is a classicccccc spot, but more speziall but if you want proper old school bologna this is it.
Bar Balanzone - pretty shit but this is why I dont live in bologna.

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