Written by Jacopo Nuti
Logic and Computability (Philosophy)
University of Amsterdam
Grade: 9/10
The reason I add this here is due to its relevance to the industry. My goal was to model Ethereum using a logic of information to capture its ‘decentralisation’ properties (on the technology layer) and how these actually implement decision-making restrictions (on the semantic layer).
This article highlights my ability to communicate complex information and synthesise for a variety of domains (philosophy, computer science, logic).
The thesis grade was in the top 2% of students, from the university with the world’s most prestigious logic department, the

Aurora & ConsenSys partnership
Aurora Website
Announcement of partnership.
Written by Jacopo.
Introduction on DAOs on NEAR written for NEAR Protocol’s community hub.
Written by Jacopo.
DeFi on NEAR
Introduction to DeFi on NEAR written for NEAR Protocol’s community hub.
Written by Jacopo.

Medium - Open Web Sandbox (all articles)
Medium company page run by Jacopo.
All articles written by Jacopo.
OWS Education Series
Education series led by Jacopo.
All video scripts and articles written by Jacopo.
Open Web Sandbox Basics
Blockchain Basics
NEAR Basics
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The Case For Risk Aversion Through Decentralisation
Written by Jacopo.

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