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SELF EVALUATE: General Manager

As you start your journey on this new role, let us know where to focus support and training


For each attribute, give yourself an honest self evaluation. This will help us understand how to create the right support for your training and ongoing work with HQ.

Job Title:

Glenn Rick Bulman
General Manager SSEA

1. Key Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities
Self Evaluation
Growth & Business Development
Collaborate with the regional team to pursue growth opportunities and execute development strategies.
Identify and explore growth opportunities beyond the support offered by headquarters and the regional office.
Develop and implement local lead generation strategies, including commercial partner referral programs, local ad campaigns, events, and trade shows.
Optimize and expand services to drive revenue growth.
Branch Leadership & Management
Lead, motivate, and support the branch team in aligning with the company's vision, mission, and strategy.
Cultivate management skills in reporting department managers and provide guidance for their professional development.
Foster a positive work environment that promotes job satisfaction, productivity, and exceptional customer service.
Strategy & Performance Management
Contribute to the development and implementation of branch strategies aligned with regional and corporate goals.
Collaborate with the regional team to develop operational plans and report on performance.
Coordinate Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with the region and set performance targets for direct reports.
Provide progress reporting and updates to the regional office on branch operations, challenges, and successes.
Ensure accurate and timely reporting on branch performance, financials, and relevant metrics.
Financial Management & Budgeting
Implement the financial strategy and tactics set by the regional office.
Coordinate and manage quarterly and annual branch budgets and oversee branch financials.
Operations & Office Management
Manage and oversee daily operations at the branch, including collections, purchasing inventory, utilization, maintenance, and training.
Identify areas for organizational improvement and implement systems to standardize and streamline processes.
Ensure efficient office administration and smooth workflow processes.
Implement and enforce company policies, procedures, and values within the branch.
Foster a communal branch culture based on the Attic Projects core values.
Sales & Marketing Management
Establish and develop all aspects of local lead generation in addition to lead generation efforts of headquarters.
Support the sales manager in driving the performance of the sales team.
Drive creative sales and marketing initiatives in the branch.
Develop and implement strategies to grow customer acquisition and retention.
People Development & Human Resources
Hire, train, and retain top talent within the branch.
Provide guidance and support for professional growth and development of team members.
Collaborate with the regional office on talent acquisition and HR processes.
Compliance & Quality Assurance
Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, local building regulations, and company policies.
Maintain adherence to industry standards within the branch.
Monitor and address quality assurance issues to ensure high-quality service delivery.

2. Qualifications

Collaborate with the regional team to pursue growth opportunities and execute strategies.
Self Evaluation
Results-oriented achieving goals and targets within budgetary and timeline constraints.
Ability to think strategically and contribute to the development and implementation of branch strategies aligned with regional and corporate goals.
Success in business development, marketing, sales, and outstanding achievements in growth.
Success in operations management, with the ability to identify operational inefficiencies, implement process improvements, and enhance overall operational performance.
Strong leadership skills with the ability to develop capable managers, motivate and inspire teams to achieve high productivity, and cultivate excellence in customer service standards.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with corporate headquarters, the regional office, and branch teams.
Familiarity with state and federal regulations, local building regulations, industry standards and policies to ensure compliance within the branch is an advantage.
Proficiency with essential business administration workflows and technologies (Google Workspace, Excel, CRMs, etc).
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3. Attributes

Attribute Type
Self Evaluation
Well-defined abilities, the technical requirements for the role.
Leadership - Ability to guide, motivate, and manage a team effectively, while wearing multiple hats during the initial growth phase; lead by example; train management
Business Development & Administration - Demonstrated success in business development, marketing, sales, and outstanding achievements in growth.
Operations Management - Experience in overseeing operations, including execution, customer service, and administration; ability to develop and implement training programs for technicians and managers
Sales and Marketing - Knowledge of sales strategies and marketing channels to drive revenue and meet targets; ability to manage and grow the sales team
Financial Management - Ability to manage budgets, allocate funds, and make strategic financial decisions; experience in cost reduction and P&L management
Human Resources Management - Experience in hiring, training, and retaining talent; ability to develop and promote talent, and mentor all department managers; able to forecast and triage sensitive HR-related issues
Communication - Strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills, with a focus on excellent internal and external customer service
Problem-solving - Aptitude for identifying issues and developing solutions; ability to handle difficult or emotional situations; creativity
Time Management - Efficiently organizing and prioritizing tasks to make the best use of available time, including long hours and some after-hours availability
Interpersonal Skills - relationship building, networking, team mindset and collaboration skills
Soft skills or personal abilities.
Accountability - Taking responsibility for one's actions and decisions
Commitment - Dedication to the success and growth of the company, especially during the intensive initial phase
Goal-oriented - Focused on achieving set targets and objectives, including maintaining a specific job closing ratio
Initiative - Willingness to take charge and address issues proactively
Integrity - Upholding ethical standards and compliance with regulations
Listening skills - Ability to understand and address employee and customer concerns
Loyalty - Faithfulness and commitment to a person, organization, or cause.
Open-mindedness - Willing to consider new ideas and approaches
Patience - Ability to remain calm under pressure and work through challenges
Problem-solving - Aptitude for identifying issues and developing solutions
Stress Resilience - Capacity to manage multiple stressors simultaneously and maintain productivity
Team player - Willingness to work cooperatively with others and support team goals

Confidence in Meeting Key Role Objectives

Self Evaluation
Growth & business development - 50% of monthly effort
Leadership & management - 30% of monthly effort
Strategy & performance management - 20% of monthly effort
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