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Design & Scope

In order to track work in the shop, being aware of time needed for glue up, finish drying, levels of finish, etc.
As a user, I should be able to define what stage the work is in and how long it needs to be in that stage. I should be aware when work is done curing and ready to move onto the next stage.
There should be an Assembly list. Each Assembly can be in a state of:
Ordering Materials
Ready to Cut
Ready to Assemble
Ready to Glue-up
Glue Curing
Ready to Sand
Ready to Finish
Finish Curing

Most states are binary, as they take 1 “work unit” to complete. However, glue curing and finish curing take time, and they’re filling the station during that time. As such, they are the bottlenecks, and knowing when they can be moved out is key.

Each Station can only have 1 Project in it.
The Landing Page should allow me to move existing Projects between states, or create a new Project.
When I move an assembly to Glue Curing or Finish Curing, I should see it’s timer.
When a timer value is complete, that should be clear on the Landing Page.
Excluded Considerations
At this time, this is not tracking cost, profit, or any other business/finance purpose. This is strictly to track work at stations, and to know which work should be next.
This does not support multiples of any 1 type of station. It’s intended for a small, 1-worker shop, where there’s only 1 of each task to be done at a time.

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