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How to Play

Rules of the Game

How to Play in This Doc

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Use the slider to select the number of players then click the blue button to clear the Current Game Scorecard and add new blank rows
players can edit their names in the scorecard table
Players take turns clicking the “My Turn” button to indicate they’re the current roller
On each turn, the current player views the dice on the board and can choose to “keep” any that they wish by toggling the switch next to a particular die
clicking the “Roll the Dice” button will re-roll any dice that aren’t being kept
There are 13 scoring buttons; one for each corresponding box in the scorecard
each scoring button shows the current possible score based on the current dice
clicking a scoring button will record that score for the current player in the scorecard
the list of scoring buttons shrinks throughout the game; scores that have already been “taken” by the player are hidden

This version of the doc has not yet accounted for the rules around double-Yahtzee or special Yahtzee scoring

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