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With apologies to j.p. sartre... a phenomenological account of this one life I know from the inside
“The Words” is my take on a blog.
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Keillor on writing
Mar 8, 2023
“I'm a writer and writing is drudgery, not so different from cleaning hotel rooms. All writing is rewriting and it's never finished. No writer reads his own work with pleasure.” ​
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Meteorological Disorientation
Mar 7, 2023
calm body of water during sunset
Just arrived in Florida to visit my mother. It was snowing in Maine when I flew out of Bangor. Experiencing meteorological disorientation — worth exploring phenomenologically.
A New Gig
Sep 24, 2022
This month, I’ve begun working part-time at my local weekly newspaper, the , a publication with a hundred-year history of reporting on the tidal forces of lives lived on Deer Isle, in Penobscot Bay. And while I never expected to return to the workforce...
New England Summer Camps
Apr 9, 2022
Although the print magazine has been out for almost a month, my feature on how three New England summer camps are expanding access to a more diverse range of kids is now online. To report on “,” I spent some glorious summer days at Buck Lake Camp in...
The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare
Dec 2, 2021
The Portland Press Herald published today on the need to reassess our strategy – if you can call it that – for living with COVID-19.
The letter was responding to the paper’s on Nov. 30, which argued that the appearance of the omicron variant may ...

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