Please provide examples to illustrate this individual’s strengths based on your ratings.

Please provide examples to illustrate this individual’s areas of development based on your ratings.

Beyond the ratings, what else should this individual start, stop and/or continue doing to enhance their impact?

Overall I’ve appreciated the document layout and structure. Content also is good, but I feel not yet where I’d like it to be in terms of effectiveness in reflecting my story.

Like the introduction content, but seem a little too focused on the digital analysis tools. too focus on catching the keywords. It is a bit fragmented, and generalist, good for everyone.

Build and lead teams of professionals through training and mentorship programs.
many people can do that. I’ve hired and managed people directly. make them grow in their given roles.

Key points
Good in Creating teams and products from scratch and navigating digital businesses in uncharted territory.
Good in strategy thanks to my extensive background in business technology and design.

I’ve work many many hats.

Deploy modern product design and development methodologies that ensure products that add busiss value and exceptional user experience.

CV does not specify that I was a founder in Pushapp, is that intentional?

Bullt 3 is not presented correctly.


I’ve had a personal consulting company for a few years (2017-2020), I’ve had only few clients. I’ve worked for Vestas,

Io non potrò esserci, in quanto impegnato con i corsi Anpal.

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