Meta Plans to Launch AI Chatbot for Younger Users Called “Gen AI Personas”

Update: 25 September 2023 - Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is set to introduce a new generative AI chatbot called “Gen AI Personas” aimed at engaging younger users. The company is expected to make the announcement during its Meta Connect event. These chatbot personas are designed to have more colorful behavior and target young users who have shown a growing interest in apps like . According to reports, Meta has already tested similar chatbot personas on Instagram. These include a “sassy robot” persona inspired by Bender from Futurama and an overly curious persona named “Alvin the Alien.” However, one problematic chatbot made a controversial comment that raised concerns about privacy and personal information. The company plans to create numerous chatbot personas, and there are even discussions about developing a chatbot creation tool for celebrities to interact with their fans. Some of these chatbots may also be focused on productivity, providing assistance with coding and other tasks. In addition to chatbots, Meta is also working on developing a more powerful large language model to rival ’s GPT-4. They are also exploring AI models to enhance their Horizon Worlds avatars. During the Meta Connect event, the company will provide more details about its metaverse project and showcase the new Quest 3 headset. Industry experts believe that while chatbots may not initially resonate with Gen Z users, this demographic is becoming increasingly comfortable with newer technologies. Meta’s objective with these chatbots, like any other product, is to keep users engaged for longer periods, increasing the opportunities for advertising. Source: The Wall Street Journal
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