Google Introduces Image Generation in Search

Last Update 13 October 2023
Google is entering the competitive arena of AI with a new feature in its Search Generative Experience (SGE). This update allows users to generate images directly from a text prompt, similar to the capabilities introduced by Microsoft’s Bing Image creator in Bing Search. The SGE is Google’s AI-powered search engine that provides comprehensive and informative answers to user queries. It incorporates new features to enhance interactivity and usefulness.
One recent update includes AI-backed summaries of search results, offering users a brief overview of their query. Another update allows users to check grammar and other mistakes in the searched sentence. Now, with the latest update, users can request images using phrases like “draw” or “create a [x]”. Google’s Imagen family of models, also used in Google Slides and Meet, powers the image generation in SGE.
To generate images using SGE, users can simply type “draw – your prompt -” or “sketch” into the Google Search box. Google will display up to four images simultaneously, with a unique background color. Users can also modify the description to obtain the desired image. While there may be some delay in the SGE updating within image search, this feature will be valuable for users who have specific ideas but struggle to find the exact images they envision.
Google emphasizes responsible AI implementation, ensuring that generated images comply with the company’s prohibited use policy for generative AI. User safety and ethical considerations are prioritized in bringing these new AI features to the search experience.
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