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Tej Lunani
Building 10x teams while reducing employee burnout for workers with a personalized AI Work Companion


At Temple, we are dedicated to transforming the workplace by introducing personalized AI companions for employees and managers. These digital companions address the wellbeing, learning, and relationship building of each employee, fundamentally altering how organizations cultivate a positive, healthy, and productive environment.

The Problem:

Society for Human Resource Management research showed that 84 percent of U.S. workers say poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress leading to a $223B loss in the last five years. Companies annually invest approximately $2000 per employee (Harvard Business Review) in attempts to build a stronger company culture, often with inconsistent results. Traditional top-down approaches are less effective; meaningful cultural change arises from the bottom up, through consistent, individual-level efforts. This process can be lengthy and complex, taking months to years to materialize fully.
Frontline workers is our serviceable addressable market with an opportunity to impact 112 million workers in the US.

Our Solution:

Temple's approach is multifaceted:
Assessment: We analyze company data (frontline workers: case workload, shift schedule digital workers: calendar entries, Slack messages, Jira boards) to identify organizational gaps. Our AI companions are then tailored to address these specific needs. (Note: We adhere to a strict privacy-first policy, using only anonymized data.)
Personalization: Companions can be customized to suit various organizational needs, including burnout, learning enhancement, managerial relationships, and addressing toxic culture.
Interventions are done via stress heatmap, calendar copilot, ai generated daily briefings, voice copilot, and ghostwriting
Integration & Implementation: Our system seamlessly integrates with commonly used platforms (GCal, Wearables, Slack, Teams, Outlook, Zoom etc.).
Quantifying Culture: We aim to convert gaps into tangible, individual-level interventions, optimizing resource utilization and reducing engagement costs.
Use Cases:
police officer is scheduled a therapist session after dealing with an emotionally stressful case around victim abuse
healthcare worker can use their Temple watch app to scribe conversations, search medical terminology, or generate SOAP notes on the fly
student is able to mitigate test anxiety by having an AI-generated learning plan scheduled right in their calendar with university resources.
software engineering manager can get messaging suggestions on effective feedback and performance plan for their underperforming employee
product manager gets interventions during a meeting to address specific points from their stakeholders.
Metrics of Success:
Our platform's effectiveness is measured by:
Employee-level biometric stress data (only surfaced to them) improved
Increased employee retention.
Higher job satisfaction.
Reduced operational costs.
Enhanced engagement and positive Employee Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

MVP: Temple integrated with wearable and calendar data for public safety officers
(bullets 2-4 of our solution with GCal and wearable integrations )
Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy and Traction:
Our initial focus is on industries with frontline workers, a sector with an urgent need for cultural transformation. We're starting with the public safety sector in a strategic partnership with Sworn AI, targeting multiple police departments to implement a personalized work companion targeting burnout.
Partnership Highlight/Traction: Sworn AI
We've collaborated with , led by ex-police officers and lawyers with 30 years of experience each, to address the critical need for effective mental health support in public safety. This partnership has already secured contracts with various police departments in the United States.

Product-Led Sales Strategy for Enterprise Customers
Hook: We offer an assessment of organization culture to provide insights and a plan to reduce costs and time by 50% in solving the organization's biggest problem. This assessment can also be used as a due diligence measure for potential mergers (companies and organizations), helping to understand organization compatibility and address any issues proactively. We provide a self-serve option where we email half of the culture problem results, and a call can be scheduled to discuss the rest of the results and our main solution to address these problems.

Future Vision - Roadmap:
Our expansion plans is prioritized where we have seen the highest likelihood of burnout and organizational gaps including:
Frontline Workers (Healthcare)
University Students
Digital Workers

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