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How do I get points by creating transactions?
First, mine some IRON by joining a pool (Iron Fish Pool is easiest - the default, and also best for small miners with less than 300 MH/s hashrate).
As soon as you have > 0.1 IRON, you can send it to theIRON BANK, 0.1 IRON at a time.
The easiest way to send IRON isironfish deposit, which will earn 1 point.
Note that some time betweendepositorsendcommands is required to let your previous transaction(s) finalize.
Each transaction has to be confirmed on the blockchain and your "change" (UTXO) be returned to you.
For more info, see the "insufficient balance errors" question below.
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I mined a block according to ironfish status, but I don't see IRON available to spend in ironfish accounts:balance Why is that?
Even if your miner successfully mined a block, there's a chance that someone else has mined a competing heavier block that the network has chosen over your block. This is the difference of a block being on a fork versus on the main (or canonical) chain. Only blocks accepted as part of the canonical chain earn you coins that are "available to spend" and submit for transactions for Testnet points.
In the output of ironfish accounts:balance: why is "Amount available to spend" sometimes less than "Balance"?
Just like physical currency, $IRON tokens operate under the hood as currency “notes”. If you spend a large note, you have to wait for a block to process before you receive “change” in the form of a smaller note. This takes about one minute, on average (our block processing time).
Depending on the current state of your account balance, you may have one note or many notes. The number of notes you have limits the number of concurrent transactions you can do within one block.
Amount available to spend is the sum of notes currently not being used for a pending transaction.
Balance is the total of all notes you own, including those currently held for a transaction.
Can I automate sending transactions as soon as I have sufficient balance of IRON?
Yes, on Linux here are 2 ways contributed by Community members: (unofficial - YMMV)
Credit: @DaveC:
I have this going in a cron job:
echo -en '\n' >> /var/log/deposits.log
date >> /var/log/deposits.log
/path/to/ironfish-0.1.32/ironfish-cli/bin/ironfish deposit --confirm >> /var/log/deposits.log 2>&1
Credit @ChiaFTW
Here's another way to do it in one line:
watch -n 600 "yarn start deposit --confirm"
How can I know how powerful my machine is?
The number in your miner command window like "60.09 MH/s" above is yourhashrate, a measure of the computing power of your machine
Machines with hashrates < 50 MH/s may take more than a week to mine a block
Machines with hashrates > 300 MH/s will usually mine a few blocks in a week
These numbers will change as the network grows. They are also quite variable due to randomness!
How long will it take my machine to mine a block?
Use the Beta Hashrate Calculator on the unofficial partner site - Enter the long number in parenthesis from your miner's hashrate line (raw hashrate)
The calculator provides a statistical estimate. Your results may vary due to randomness and luck.
Can I combine machines to get more hashrate?
Yes. Easiest way is to configure your blockGraffiti into the node on each machine.
Better way is to combine them in a mining pool - your own, or the Iron Fish one.
What if I want more Testnet points faster than I'm getting them submitting transactions from coins I've mined?
See all the other ways you can contribute and win
You need to request points for Submitting Pull Requests or Bugs using the buttons on that page.
It may take a few days to receive points; the Developers are improving the code and reviewing many submissions
How can I know if my miner is working?
After you run a command like: ironfish miners:start -t 15
It will show '"starting to mine" and confirm the graffiti it is using (important to match yours!):
Starting to mine with graffiti: ProductGuy connecting to node
Connecting to node...
Successfully connected to node
Listening to node for new blocks
You won't see anything else until your machine wins a block. You can confirm activity by checking that your CPU is busy.
Alternatively, you can enable-v"verbose" option to show Hashrate every few seconds, like on v.0.1.29 and earlier:
ironfish miners:start -t 15 -v
Then ever few seconds you will see a line like this, with your machine's hashrate at the end.
new work 00000000047a6af7588a12727000ef2cd070b58118ba867d180e33868d5f96b1 1683 58.80 MH/s
If I stop my miner and restart it, will I lose anything?
No, only a gap in hashpower for as many minutes as it's stopped.
Your submitted transactions are safe and permanent on the blockchain.
Your Testnet points are captured automatically from the blockchain when you mine a block and are logged into the Leaderboard.
Your node will retain your block count and IRON tokens in your local Account.

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