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Monthly pulse recap

A monthly recap of whats happening in Iron Fish

Iron Fish Monthly Pulse - May 13, 2022

High Level

Phase 2
We launched it!
Category dive
Open source contributions are a high priority

Anecdotal observation about transactions in blocks (1.5MB transaction!!!)
# of nodes online concurrently (around 5500 now, almost 7k before the great crash)
5200+ accounts with non-zero points
19,277 transactions in the last 24 hours (.25 txns/1 second)
176,370 transactions since we launched Phase2

The great crash of yesterday
we're working on further improvements — expect another release soon

Other engineering focus areas
Derek / Daniel: gossip work
Rohan: notes/nullifier bug; research on confirmation range
Alex: syncing snapshot

New hires!
Lawrence - Eng Manager

Ambassador program
Going through contributions, estimated to be finalized 20th May, 2022
Work on tasks for intake 2!

Community doc
New place for community members
Resource central

Iron Fish Monthly Pulse - April 8, 2022

High level

New hires
Daniel - Backend Protocol Engineer
@AdiDev - Community Manager

Phase 2
Emails for Phase 1 KYC and rewards will be bundled with Phase 2.
Different pools -
Entire Phase 1 was 1% of genesis block coins
For Phase 2: 0.5% of genesis block coins
For Pull Requests during Phase 1 and Phase 2: .25% of genesis block coins
Current Projects
Updating dependencies in librustzcash
Worker pool
Network serialization
Reduced bandwidth
Miners Pool Project
Ambassadors Program

We're hiring
Offices in SF and New York

Iron Fish Monthly Pulse - March 11, 2022

High Level

Phase 1 is coming to an end
Block 150,000 is the end
Non-mining points we'll make the cutoff 12AM PST March 12
We have 500+ community contributions to go through

Roadmap is now updated and live!
Engineering Roadmap -

Phase 2 is coming! It'll be announced in the next few weeks
Eng Updates
Almost 10k people with points
> 1.5k community contributions
> 10k unique graffitis
98% of blocks are marked with graffitis
~3,000 nodes participating in telemetry
Mining pool coming
NPM installs
Phase 1 is coming to an end

Iron Fish Monthly Pulse - Feb 11, 2022

High level

Upgrade path imminent
Getting to mainnet sooner and upgrade when it’s live.
Roadmap updated to reflect features we want to add before mainnet launch
We will be as transparent as we can with our community in regards to the end of testnet Phase 1
We will announce testnet plans very soon
Resync of the blockchain
Updating telemetry
Meme contest - 100s of entries
Catch phrase contest being counted
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