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IT Procedures

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Start Here!

The goal here is to ensure...

- All necessary tools & websites are unblocked

- All programs are installed

before the students begin the project.

We all get bored and distracted if we have to wait a few days to onboard, or get bogged down in installation madness when getting started. Especially students!

We try to get the students into the work as directly as we can because their first experience with the project will set the pace for the rest of the implementation.

Step 1: Create dummy student account(s) and a dummy teacher account.

Already have these created? Skip to Step 2.

One email / user for each level of permissions.

If you have multiple levels of permissions that apply to your students, please make one dummy account per permission level.
This may occur if your student account have different permissions based on classes or grade levels.
You’ll need to create a teacher dummy account as well if teachers also have restrictions. They will need the same permissions that students have.

Step 2: Submit the email address of each dummy account to inventxyz.

We’ll need this to give you permission to all the documents etc. that you will unblock & test.
Submit multiple emails as separate submissions if you need to test multiple access levels.
It may take a second for us to do this, so thanks for your patience!


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