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Since launching in February 2021, we are building our product with early enterprise customers and using that signal to help validate our thesis.
Our strategy for the year is to capture paid pilots to demonstrate our versatility across a diverse range of industries, leverage non-dilutive government funding to fuel growth, and generate enough momentum to raise our first equity round.

In the last five months, we secured paid, proof-of-concept pilots with the Department of Defense and commercial enterprises. Across these pilots, potential expansion/upsells, additional government funding, and upcoming commercial pilots, we are trending towards $1M+ run rate in our first twelve months as a company.

Our goal is to utilize all engagements to formalize the baseline platform and pricing model that we will bring to market in 2022.


Companies and organizations rely on fragmented customer experience and data management software
, and to make it worse, these tools implement outdated methodologies and lack meaningful insight.
In a recent report by the US government watchdog, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that
54% of the largest defense programs fail
, which contributed to
$628bn in cost overruns
over the last five years.
According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen,
80% of new product launches fail
each year– the #1 driver for this was the failure to understand the wants and needs of the consumer.
For both examples, traditional engagement tools, data capture, and management tools lack the ability to tie data to outcomes and in return, a corpus of critical data is left on the table.


Our human insights platform incentivizes communities to generate higher quality data to support faster decisions.
We unify fragmented tools and data sources to drive better business outcomes.

Our early product will start by supporting two user roles: administrators and end users (community members).
For government
: Transforming the acquisition process and modernize the way institutions like the Department of Defense engages their people, measures impact, and make better spending decisions.
For commercial
: Our platform will displace the traditional, outdated experience management and data collection tools across multiple industries that will actually drive business decisions.

Our vision is to replace fragmented tools across customer/community engagement, data collection, and data management, in an all-in-one enterprise platform that is tied to real outcomes - from launching new products, refining existing ones, to identifying new trends before others.

Want to learn more?
Let’s chat so we can dive deeper into what we learned in our early discovery and the vision for where we are going.


There are several major themes playing into our favor:
Community-driven collaboration
: Communities are the nucleus of successful brands or services.
Tying experiences to outcomes
: The legacy products still implement a decades-old methodology. Our product is differentiated and deterministic.
Changes to performance ads
: Companies will have to engage with their consumers in a more meaningful way that also drives their bottom line.
Changes to US federal spending
: Government agencies will have to measure spend due to a decrease in funding.
Our platform is modernizing the legacy methods of engaging customers/employees to managing/allocating resources. We provide a unique and differentiated outcome across Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) workflows in an all-in-one, frictionless experience.

Based on industry benchmarks, we believe the total addressable market (TAM) for Intraloop is over $80B.
We estimated the TAM based on government institutions with over $100MM in IT funding and global enterprises with annual revenue greater than $100MM, multiplied by our anticipated average contract value. Our TAM will likely vary based on final pricing adoption, but this is an expanding market and we expect it to grow.

This is also the best time to build a new cloud business.
Based on BVP’s Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index, the average Cloud 100 multiple increased by over 150% in the last five years, from 9x ARR in 2016 to 23x in 2020. The top quartile companies have increased their growth rates from 65% in 2017 to over 100% in 2019 and were able to preserve that 100% growth rate in 2020. (Source: Bessemer Venture Partners)


We launched the company in February 2021.
Since then, we have already generated over $120k in bookings across our pilots (all paid), from the Department of Defense to Patagonia. We anticipate a $1m+ run rate for our first twelve months.

Company launched
Proof-of-Concept Pilot: US Marines
Pre-Seed Convertible Note
US Air Force SBIR 21.1 (Phase I)
Gov Pilot: US Special Forces
Commercial Pilot: Patagonia
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Company launched
Proof-of-Concept Pilot: US Marines
Pre-Seed Convertible Note
US Air Force SBIR 21.1 (Phase I)
Gov Pilot: US Special Forces
Commercial Pilot: Patagonia


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Frontend Software Engineer
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Not every role is best defined in our initial job descriptions. E-mail and tell us what you’d like to see and help us fulfill our vision!

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