Your decision

This is an {incomplete} and personal collection of information to help you make make a decision on whether to use ASEA.
If you’re actively thinking about starting to use ASEA, I made this to help you sift though the noise and learn what it’s about.
It’s a collection of things (video’s, research, thoughts, testimonials) I’ve found useful, and my hope is that by putting them all in one place, you’ll get some value from it.
The one thing that’s not on here, but was perhaps the most useful thing of all to me was a small group zoom call with one of the longer standing members of the ASEA, who spoke from his direct experience and of hearing the stories of many more. You should contact the person who sent you here and they can set you up with a call like that.
Disclosure: I’m not employed by the company, but I do take the product.
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