Omnichannel Contact Centers - Improve KPIs

The call center functions as the backbone of any organization or brand... when a complaint directly arises against the company, the call center is there to function as needed and resolve the issue.
Ultimately, the rate at which this center solves problems can say a lot about the company and how much they invest in providing consumers with an effective support structure. So, where do these call centers fall short? Where can they focus on doing better for their customers, and in turn, by the companies they represent?
In this article, we focus on how an omnichannel focus, as well as a KPI centered goal structure, can make these centers more effective and supportive by their customers.
Identifying an Omnichannel Contact Center:
To identify an , we need to first understand what it means to be omnichannel. Ultimately, an omnichannel contact center is one that manages multiple channels under one center and can seamlessly navigate between these channels while retaining consumer data across the entire journey.
Omnichannel contact centers, first and foremost, provide their customers with more choice than a traditional single-channel or multi-channel structure. This choice gives consumers a better perception of not only the support they receive but the brand as well.
Why Use Omnichannel Functionality at Your Call Center?
Put simply, results and efficiency. When the support team stands out, this is a good thing. Happy customers mean a happy brand... without successful results, goals are not met, and the brand is not happy that their customers are dissatisfied.
By implementing an omnichannel system, customers have more ability to direct how and when they are supported. This gives agents a more personalized touch that they can use to give customers what they want. Due to this more personalized approach, customers are more likely to involve themselves in an engaging experience with the brands they love.
Developing a KPI Call Center:
In business, we use metrics known as "key performance indicators" or KPI for short. A KPI call center is a center that is driven to accomplish pre-determined goals or performance milestones to suggest overall call center performance.
Thanks to a newfound omnichannel structure, brands can give their call centers higher targets and milestones to reach... this ensures two things:

1. Your call center will operate more efficiently
2. Due to the personalization, your call center will not lose its personal touch despite handling higher volumes
KPIs are more than Numbers:
Before you run off and make unrealistic KPIs for your call center to follow, don't forget the main idea or key benefit that omnichannel provides: humanization.
When you sit down to design KPIs for your call center, make sure that you have the customer at the center of each KPI. Now, should you perfectly design these KPIs around the customer... you'll find that your call center operates efficiently and with high marks towards customer satisfaction. No matter the center or brand, customer satisfaction and choice should be the focus.
If your KPI call center isn't meeting your indicators, it might be time to analyze why the center is falling short. In most cases, it is due to agents that do not understand the technology. Be sure that your call center is perfectly blending its people, product, and performance as it relates to the desired process(es).
Conclusion: The call center is a critical component of any organization or company. When people have complaints, the call center needs to be there for them and resolve their problem as soon as possible. Ultimately, how well they do this can say a lot about the company’s investment in providing customers with an effective support structure – so where does it fall short? Where can they focus on doing better by their customers, and consequently by companies that represent those customer satisfaction levels? Let us know if you want to learn more about Omnichannel Strategies and KPIs visit
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