2021 Omnichannel Contact Center Guide: Consumer and KPIs Tracking

For a call management system that will seamlessly handle any channel your audience prefers with one interface that they'll love (it doesn't have to be as tedious!) you need an Omnichannel Contact Center!
Your contact center is more than just a chance for you to engage in customer support bent solely on resolving complaints and inquiries. It's also an opportunity for your company to be the first point of reference through which customers can have their needs met, whether it means getting help or making suggestions about how things might improve down the line.
Your contact center doesn't exist simply as a way of dealing with any disputes that crop up- they're also there so we at are able to listen closely while our clients get feedback from us directly on anything else going wrong, too!
In today's fast-paced business world, it can be tough to keep up. That may seem like an understatement considering the pace of technology and customer demands for omnichannel service has never been higher! So how do you remain competitive with your customers? Implementing a contact center that functions as an omni-channel machine is one way to stay ahead in this race. In order for such a system to function optimally, there are some key KPIs (key performance indicators) that should be addressed:

"For example," says Contact Center Technology Executive Editor Charles Chambers "If 80% of all incoming calls have come from mobile devices over the course of three months but only 50% percent were routed through voice response systems on.
What Exactly is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Traditionally, contact centers were designed to act as one-channel linkages between you and your customers - via the phone. Today, omnichannel contact centers give your consumers the chance to talk to you via phone, text messaging, email, live chat, or in somewhat rarer cases, video calling.
A well designed omnichannel contact center gives customers the support they need, but in a much more satisfying way. At the end of the day, your focus should be on the consistency of such a consumer-driven system... as this provides customers with better experiences, leading to higher retention rates and repeat business.
What are the Benefits of an Omnichannel Contact Center

By taking an omnichannel approach, you will provide your consumers with well-rounded agents and a better-equipped system to deliver a positive experience to the consumer. You will also have a system that allows the agent to move the Customer across channels at will while still retaining info relevant to the query.
This system also resolves issues faster and allows the support process to feel and seem more personalized to the consumer's needs.
Some Key Tips in Keeping an Omnichannel Contact Center Functioning
Agent Training is First and Foremost
At the forefront of this system are your agents. They must be well trained to take advantage of the omnichannel platform to ensure that they do not mess up customer queries and keep the system flowing smoothly.
Utilize the Right Software
Without a solid infrastructure backing your contact center, the entire thing will fall apart. By taking advantage of an omnichannel platform, you can successfully manage the inflow and outflow of information.
Think like the Customer
Frequently test your software and support center to ensure that your customers receive a positive experience through your agents. Your contact center should go above and beyond with each ticket to ensure that problems are solved and customers have an excellent basis for returning for more business.
Measure the Performance
Piggybacking off the last tip, make sure that you continuously make an effort to evaluate customer service. Is your system helping your customers? Are you meeting your business goals? You can take advantage of pre-established to ensure that the overall system is benefiting the business.
To wrap things up, remember, most importantly - it's all about the consumer. Make an effort to make the support system work for them in whatever way possible, but even still - it doesn't hurt to give them the option to self-serve if they prefer that approach. Ultimately, having an omnichannel contact center will aim to solve problems for as many demographics as possible.

Given the importance of your contact center, don't let it be just a place where you can handle customer complaints and inquiries. Your contact center is an opportunity to build relationships with customers that could lead them back to making purchases in the future. You should use this as an opportunity for building better relationships with your customers by actively listening to their needs, taking suggestions from them on how they think you can improve, and being open about partnerships or new product launches. If all of this sounds like something you want help accomplishing then give us a call today so we can partner together! if you are interested in getting started right now!

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