Tips to Improve HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment Factors

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What is HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment?
HCC Means (Hierarchical Condition category) is a risk adjustment model specially designed to estimate future health care cost of patients. the main objective of tool is to consider the well-being of the executives alongside exact repayments from medicare Advantage Plans.
Steps to Improve HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment
In this Article we will show you the 5 steps to improve HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment:
Step 1: Having an accurate and updated problem list.
Step 2: See patients at least once a year.
Step 3: Public education and information dissemination
Step 4: EMR optimization and better decision assistance
Step 5: Monitoring performance and spotting potential.
Hope the information provided in this article is suitable as per needs if you want more information or assistant regarding HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment do visit our site and feel free to contact us.

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