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My image column isn't loading, what's up?

Only Image URL's are supported, not image uploads. Sorry!

My doc isn't loading, what's up?

Make sure your doc is set to "Anyone with a link" - "Can view" in the sharing settings. And make sure you're entering the doc URL.

How do I group columns from a single row together?

Group your layers! Assign each layer a column in your table, and then group it. When you fill your group, it will apply info from the same row. for a demo.

Each frame is still pulling from multiple rows, what's up with that?

Add an @ to the name of your outer group or frame. It will then apply the same row to all child elements. At the moment every group will pull from a single row, but if you want to update and entire frame with multiple groups, then you can add an @ to the end of the frame name, or to the most outer layer. So your frame name will look like this "FrameName@" or "Frame Name@"

How do I refresh the data from the doc?

Click on the refresh icon in the plugin to see new changes made to your doc or tables.

How do I use data from apps?

Use a - tables that pull in data from your apps. In most cases you'll need to connect an account, except for Wikipedia. In some cases, you won't be able to pull in some data from the first column. In that case, go to the right of the table and add a new Pack column that just pulls out the "Name" from the object. Watch a quick video here.
You add a pack by going to the big red plus button above in the toolbar, and clicking on the "Sync" option.


What's keyboard shortcut to open the last plugin?

Option + Command + P

How do constraint a text line?

After you fill an individual layer with text, append a {1} or {2} to the layer name. To limit text to one line, or {2} to limit text to line.

It keeps applying content from the same row. What should I do?

Put individual layers in different groups to apply a new row to each group.

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