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Whisper Aero Job Board


At Whisper Aero, we believe strongly that the journey is as important as the destination and that understanding HOW you achieve your goals ensures you can sustainably reach greater heights.
With this in mind, we’ve established eleven core values that our team embodies as we define the next century of electric thrust. We look for these qualities in our team members to guide decision making and align diverse perspectives.
Embrace first principles
First principles form the basis of reasoned action. We embrace them to define critical paths, execute rapidly, maintain focus, and drive success.
Think end-to-end
We understand the complete system solution because we believe the best products have been well considered throughout. Everything must align seamlessly - from the core technology enablers, to the product certification requirements, to the societal needs we successfully address across markets.
Distill the details
Complexity must be harnessed to leverage increasingly sophisticated tools and data. We develop intuitive understandings from this complexity and instill them into elegant products. And we simplify so that others understand clearly.
Foster creative genius
We are curious. Thinking outside the box excites us and compels us to find ways to make the world a better place. We ask the hard questions others won’t to deliver products and services others cannot. We are undeterred by the unknown, explore new possibilities, and dive deeper to see the details others miss.
Invent excellently
The best innovations and inventions arise from great execution. They are not overburdened by unnecessary processes. Analyses are explainable and repeatable. And they solve the objectives we’ve scoped at peak efficiency.
Embody safety
Responsible flight requires a meaningful and instinctual safety culture. We assess the risks, plan, mitigate, and learn from our mistakes so that others don’t have to.
Be an owner
We look at the long-term vision and don’t make sacrifices for short-term results. We are one team and we never disregard a task too small.
Do more with less
We are lean and scrappy because constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention.
Disagree and commit
We challenge decisions with reasoned conviction. We question ourselves, seek diverse opinions, and work to disconfirm our biases to develop better products. And when we’ve charted a course, we commit fully.
Lead and be led
We are all leaders. We lead by example and with confidence. We leverage our strengths and collaborate with our peers to overcome our weaknesses. And we recognize, hire, develop, and coach relentlessly.
Ruthlessly prioritize
We value time as the most limited resource and prioritize ruthlessly to deliver impact. We ignore thousands of ideas to refine the ones that matter most.

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