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At Whisper Aero, we believe strongly that the journey is as important as the destination and that understanding HOW you achieve your goals ensures you can sustainably reach greater heights.
With this in mind, we’ve established core values that our team embodies as we define the next century of electric thrust. We look for these qualities in our team members to guide decision making and align diverse perspectives.

Problem Solving

Embrace first principles - First principles form the basis of reasoned action. We embrace them to define critical paths, maintain focus, execute rapidly, and drive success.
Think end-to-end - The best products have been well-considered throughout. From product strategy to multidisciplinary design to tool development, we examine the upstream, the downstream, and every step in between.

Work Environment

Foster creative genius - Hard problems require creative solutions. We encourage challenging prior assumptions and thinking outside the box. We support each other in bringing new ideas to life.
Lead and be led - Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We lead others where we are strong and are led by others where we are weak. We teach without judgement and learn without shame.
Disagree and commit - We are not afraid to challenge and be challenged by each other. We respect dissenting opinions but also recognize the need to converge toward a final decision, and we commit to the decision as if it were our own.
Aim to win - We are here because we believe we can change the world. We engage our work with a determination to succeed and to make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Distill the details - Complexity arises when solving hard problems. We draw insightful conclusions from our work to produce elegant products and processes. We simplify our conclusions into intuitive learnings so that we all understand clearly.
Set expectations - Clarity enables productivity. Whether for work or for rest, we set clear expectations to garner support towards our goals.


Embody safety - We are responsible for the health and safety of ourselves and our stakeholders. We assess the risks in all aspects of our products and processes and we plan ahead to mitigate the likelihood and severity of consequences.
Be an owner - We are each stewards of our collective success. We take initiative to meet expectations of us as individuals and as a company, and never disregard a task too small.
Fortify foundations - Strong companies are built from strong foundations. We make time to develop our team, grow our knowledge base, organize our facilities, refactor our tools, and documefnt our methods to ensure repeatability and scalability.


Do more with less - Our funding is limited. We look for opportunities to be resourceful, inventive, and self-sufficient to make the most of our resources.
Ruthlessly prioritize - Time is unreplenishable, yet continuously spent. We value time as the most limited resource and prioritize ruthlessly to deliver impact. We filter potential products and processes to focus on the ones that matter most.

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