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Why this document
I created this document to support an efficient distribution of holiday camps over the available time slots. Certainly interesting for those involved in co-parenting. In Belgium we have 9 weeks in the summer and without proper planning, it becomes easily a nightmare. Besides it shows how can be useful.

The set up in a few steps
You can use this doc as you wish. What I had in mind is the following:
Create a table with the formal school holidays →
Create a table with the children →
Create a table with the activities per child →
Bring it together by pushing a button to check out the complete planning
Add the addresses per location →
See how the directions work out for you →

You can copy the doc for private usage. The duplicate will have empty tables, once you start using it, all functionalities become visible. The article discussing it’s main functions,

Copy this doc to plan your own holidays

If you have questions or you have suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out.


Jan 2021
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