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Beds in Belgium

Overview of bed in Flanders and Wallonia

The mission
The initial mission was to create an overview of the Eldery Care Institutions in Belgium distributed over Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The
are often part of larger groups like the
. The idea was to calculate market share per ‘group’ based on public sources.

I got the collaboration of the Vlaamse overheid: AGENTSCHAP
ZORG & GEZONDHEID, they mailed me an excel file. The overview of Wallonia I found online together with
'Abréviations utilisées dans l'onglet’.
This was helpful, it gave also insight in the Flemish file.

Incomplete on HQ Level
Organisations like
manage about 111 homes (79 Flanders, 25 Wallonia and 6 in Brussels), however this not reflected in the file, the same for the other bigger players. This due to a lack of data on regional level. Only via these groups one can obtain the required information. I did not go that far.

The capital is officially not a province, it is a region etc etc. However to make a good analysis of the situation we should be able to work with a dataset that reflects the situation in Brussels. The datasets we have available so far, do not.

Overview in PDF
I came accross this document below that contains very valuable information on the homes in mainly Flanders & Brussels.

Inventaris-Groepen-en-clusters-WZC-februari-2020 (1).pdf
10.4 MB

Best, Christiaan

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