Hugh's Everesting Challenge

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Hugh's Everesting Challenge & Fundraiser

May 20, 2021
Dear Family & Friends,
On May 20th, I’m taking on the challenge. One of the great individual cycling endeavors, the premise is straightforward - cycle up and down a hill enough times to cumulatively climb the vertical height of Mount Everest - 29,029 feet. I’ll be riding up and down Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO (just outside Denver). This iconic climb is 4.5 miles long with a steady 5-6% grade. It will take 23 ascents to reach the required elevation gain, for a total of 208 miles of riding and 104 miles of climbing. I estimate it to take about 15 hours (6am to 9pm).
Lookout Mountain profile ()
To make this ride more meaningful, I’ve started a fundraiser for , a well-reputed nonprofit that manufactures and provides bikes to help those who walk miles every day to access healthcare, education, and economic opportunity. These bikes bring children to schools and farmers to markets. They bring joy and hope and health. And through that, they catalyze greater achievements.
If you’d like to join me, you can donate here:
My goal is to donate 10 bikes that will change 10 lives.
The “Buffalo bike” built by World Bicycle Relief.

Expect some photos and videos after! I’ll also post stories from the day on Instagram (). My friend Casey will be riding with me, and a few others are coming out for an ascent or two to hang out. If you know a cyclist in the Denver/Boulder area who might want to join, I’d love to get in touch.
Thank you for your support in all things. Hope to see you soon, and if you’re ever in DC please say hi!

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