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Graphic Design Onboarding

1. HR Documentation.

2. Setup account
Setup Google, slack, Coda account and make sure it should have display picture in all the accounts.

3. Introduction with the team
After completing HR formalities intro session conduct by team lead,
@Sai Srikanth Bandaru
4. Orientation
Get to know your company and based on skills and workflow reference and initial task need to be given and check for stability and performance so that we can assign task and helps to understand the process and workflow for the new employee. ​

5. Get to know your role and KT
Team lead will assign the task and provide KT about the software, scripts, transfers and timings. ​ Follow this document.

6. Subscription and library Credentials
Subscription such as Adobe, Motion Array, StoryBlocks, Shutterstock etc. will be provide by
@Sana Afreen
@Pavan Mahale

7. Get started!
With all the KT and processes candidate can start the work and team lead will take care of the task distribution and review work.

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