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How to Copy Data from One PST File to Another - 2 Easy Ways

A comprehensive guide on copying data from one PST file to another using 2 easy ways.
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Copying data from one PST file to another is a useful way to consolidate or transfer email messages. Whether you want to or simply move specific data to different files, this article will walk you through the process using both manual methods and automated software.

Manual Method to Copy Data from One PST File to Another

Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
Click on the "File" tab in the top menu.
Select Open and Export, then select Open Outlook Data File.
Go to where you saved the source PST file and select it.
Click OK to open the PST file. You will see it listed in the navigation pane.
In the navigation pane, select the folder or item to copy from the source PST file.
Right-click the selected item and select Duplicate.
Close the source PST file by right-clicking its name in the navigation pane and selecting "Close Outlook Data File".
Open or create a destination PST file to copy data to.
In the navigation pane, choose the destination folder where you want to place the copied data.
Right-click on the destination folder and select Paste to copy the data from the source PST file to the destination PST file.

An Automated Method using SysTools Software:

Download and install from its official website.
Launch the software on your computer.
Click on the "Add File" button to select the source PST file from which you want to copy data.
Use Add Folder to dd more source PST files if needed.
Select the option to merge file into an existing PST file.
Browse and select the existing PST file from the system in which you want to copy data from the source PST file.
Click the "Next" button to start the copying process.
The software will automatically combine the selected PST files, copying all the data into the destination PST file.

In short

Copying data from one Outlook PST file to another can be done either by manual methods or by using specialized software. The manual method involves opening the source and destination PST files in Outlook and then copying and pasting the required data. Alternatively, PST Merge software provides an automated solution to merge multiple PST files, simplifying the process and saving time. By following these methods, you can efficiently copy and merge email data into different PST files as required.
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