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Workflows & Espresso - Podcast Media Sheet

Podcast Concept & Outline

"Workflows & Espressos" is a richly brewed podcast series steeped in the dynamic world of the short-term rental industry. Hosted by Meaghan Moylan, Executive Director for the Outpost Group, this show is an aromatic blend of industry insights and operational expertise, part of the Hospitality.FM Podcast Network.
Percolating with 3-5 robust episodes for the first season, "Workflows & Espressos" adopts a solo format where Meaghan infuses each discussion with her deep knowledge and zest for the hospitality sector. Her engaging delivery transforms complex topics into digestible, enjoyable sips of wisdom.
In this podcast, Meaghan grinds the beans on topics such as the latest trends in short-term rentals, the intricacies of operational challenges, and the secrets to a successful business brew. From the grounds of property management software to the cream of guest experience enhancement and from the robust aroma of marketing strategies to the essential filter of regulatory compliance, she covers it all.
Listeners will be treated to a rich espresso shot of actionable advice, interspersed with interviews with other connoisseurs in the field. Meaghan's stories and experiences add a personal flavor, providing a full-bodied understanding of the industry's nuances.
"Workflows & Espressos" is the perfect blend for business owners, property managers, and aficionados of the short-term rental market. It's designed to be the ideal companion for your morning cup, offering a stimulating mix of professional insights and engaging narratives. Join Meaghan Moylan as she pours over the details of running a successful short-term rental business, one espresso at a time, and discover how to extract the most from your operations in this ever-evolving industry.

Sponsorship Packages

Become a Season One Pilot Segment Sponsor!

This sponsorship option allows you to have more than just an ad read on a podcast but actually participate in the content by curating your own episode segment that brings value to the listener and to the sponsors customer base that already engages with you, the brand.
Here are the two episode segments we’re wanting to have partners on:
Early Morning Energy: An early mid-roll segment within the first 5-10 minutes of the episode.
This segment will be an energizer for the listener where Meaghan gets to have a little fun by talking about some recent industry news while also supplying some data either around a specific topic, market, or event.
This segment sponsor will be able to play a role by contributing to the content by supplying the data, picking the event of choice, or jumping into a market (market data) of the industry that’s exciting for operators.
Part of being a segment sponsor is that all of our partners in this show will be required to be a distribution partner as well. Whether you promote the entire episode (email & socials - both are required) or if you take the clips (provided by HFM) and promote those in your newsletter & socials (both still required), you will get to be apart of the podcasts success.

Technology Tidbits: A mid-roll segment placed half way through the episode where Meaghan will cover latest technology tidbits from our sponsors. From tech product updates to the latest and greatest data points for operators this is the segment to educate and show off your tech!
This will be placed about half way through each episode of the first season! In this segment you can get creative by providing data, a quick product walk through or your own micro-interview (no longer than 90 seconds) in the episode to capture the listeners attention outside the normal content!

All sponsors will have CTA links within the show notes and will have offers included in the social media promotion as well!

Season Launch Date: January 23rd, 2024

Season One Outline

Season 1: The Essence of Short-Term Rental Mastery
Episode 1: "Brewing Success: Essentials of Short-Term Rental Management"
Introduction to the world of short-term rentals and key components of successful management.
Episode 2: "Aromatic Marketing: Crafting Your Rental's Unique Brand"
Exploring effective marketing strategies to make short-term rentals stand out in a competitive market.
Episode 3: "Filtering Finances: Navigating Revenue and Pricing Strategies"
Delving into financial management, pricing models, and maximizing profitability.
Episode 4: "Steaming With Technology: Tools for Operational Efficiency"
Examining the latest technology trends in property management and their impact on operations.
Episode 5: "Customer Service Blend: Enhancing Guest Experiences"
Discussing the importance of exceptional guest service and ways to elevate the guest experience.
Episode 6: "Legal Latte: Navigating Regulations and Compliance"
Addressing the legal aspects, regulations, and compliance issues in short-term rentals.
Episode 7: "Future Flavors: Emerging Trends and the Road Ahead"
Looking ahead at emerging trends in the short-term rental industry and preparing for future developments.
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