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Ogbodo Job

Job breakdown of all the phases throughout the claim process. Below will have links to the different sections/parts of the overall job. This main page will have a Progress Bar, Checklist and an area that you can put questions/requests/comments.
Keep in mind that this is getting custom built for the first time so everything might not be compiled 100% and there might be some errors. I will try to make this with mobile design in mind assuming this will be viewed on a mobile phone more than a desktop.

Overall Progress

[ Progress Bar Will Be Here ]

Gantt Chart

[ Gantt Chart Here ]

I will create a Gantt Chart that will help see the expected start/finish of each stage of the claim. However, this will not be very mobile friendly to view so I would suggest to view this part on possibly a tablet or definitely a desktop/laptop. I will


The exact order of this list might be a little out of order, mainly because some aspects start early and are an ongoing process like the unsalvageable list of items. As well as the Garage and Hallway having a different contractor on it and the expected delay with the Garage Doors.

Initial Estimates Approved

Packout + Contents Estimate
Fire Remediation / Structure Cleaning

Packout + Contents Cleaning

Start Packout
Load Contents to Secure Warehouse
Begin to Separate Questionable Salvage/Unsalvageable Items
Clean + Deodorize Contents
Start To Get Unsalvageable Items Reimbursed

Fire Remediation / Structure Cleaning

Clean Exposed Studs in Garage
Encapsulate Exposed Studs + Joists In Garage
Remove Carpet, Pad and Tack-strips from rooms that have it
Begin Structure Cleaning Throughout Home
Send of Carpet/Pad Samples for ITEL Testing


Paint Color
Flooring - Insurance Covered Replacement of Carpet + Pad
Odor Sealant & Painting
Install Flooring
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