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Skill-Will Bull's-Eye

The goal of the Select step of the A Method is to gather the facts we need to decide if someone's skill (what they can do) and will (what they want to do) match your scorecard. This is the skill-will profile. When a candidates profile matches up perfectly with the requirements outlined on your scorecard, your candidate hits the skill-will bull's-eye.
Begin with skill. When you believe there is a 90 percent or better chance the candidate can achieve an outcome based on the data you gathered during the interview, rate him or her an A for that outcome. If the data does not support that conclusion, give a B or C rating.
Then evaluate will. Will has to do with motivations and competencies a candidate brings to the table. For each competency ask, does the data suggest there is a 90 percent of better chance that the candidate will display that competency? Rate A, B or C with the answers. Repeat process for each competency.
A Players will match both skill and will with your organization.

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